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There is no magic wand that can ever replace the helpfulness of checklists!

Even with financial planning, it’s easy, quick and effective. Only if you follow the checklist. To help you take control of your finances, we have created the ultimate checklist.

Career check

Is your skillset updated?

Are you well-equipped for the future?

And above all are you prepared for the ever -changing industry?

Health care check

You must be in the best of health now, but remember, it’s may not be so, forever. We suggest, don’t wait for the dark days. Start preparing for all those unforeseen health concerns, today.

Step 1: Look after your health with special attention to diet and exercise.

Step 2: Read between the fine lines of your health insurance cover

Step 3: Don’t forget to cover your entire family too

Step 4: Persuade others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Emergency fund

Ever wondered how you could strike a balance with exigent situations? IF the answer is No. Let’s get prepared. Emergencies can strike us anytime. Our advice here is, create a separate fund. (Never ever use it, unless it’s an emergency)

Always have enough savings to meet your expenses for at least 3 to 6 months

Make sure your increase your emergency funds, every year.

When preparing for future, keep in mind the inflation.

Retirement fund

What’s a plan without a retirement fund? It is one of those long-term investments, which keeps your future intact.

Since it is long-term, choose it wisely! Consider taking help from a financial planner

Just saving is not enough, so divide it in the most optimal way.

Look for retirement plans, term insurance, ULIPS.

Before everything else, understand how much is enough!

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And lastly the most important of all,
Insurance check

Smart investors and planners always put this on top of their list. Do not confuse it with investment and never expect returns. Remember, insurance provides you with security and thus protects you from all unforeseen risks and calamities.

Make a list of all your assets too.

These days, you can insure almost everything, right from yourself, to property, to your paintings and artefacts.

Quick Tip: Always read your documents thoroughly to understand your insurance plan clearly. Have a clear idea about what is covered and under what terms and conditions.

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